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This section is dedicated to Free Boat Plans. Each plan is available as a zipped file and will either be a collection of .dwg, .dxf or high quality jpg files. Simply work your way through the listings below and download whatever you need. Enjoy!

If you don't have any software to view the above cad formats then we recommend a free application which you can download from here

Can't Find What You're After

If you're after something in particular and we don't have it listed then make a request using our contact form. You never know we might have something which we haven't uploaded yet or may be able to find you a suitable plan.

Downloads Below

Free Boat & Ship Plans
Vintage RC Hydroplane[ Download ]
Tugboat[ Download ]
Predator Outrigger[ Download ]
Steamboat[ Download ]
Shovel Nose Boat[ Download ]
Santa Maria Nao Boat[ Download ]
Atlas RC Sports Hydroplane[ Download ]
Crackerbox Boat[ Download ]
RC Hydrofoam Hydroplane[ Download ]
RC Micro Hydroplane[ Download ]
RC Mini Mono Boat[ Download ]
RC Mini Mono Boat (Version 2)[ Download ]
RC Pay N Pak Sports Hydroplane[ Download ]